Forever After will help your brand to connect with your customers on social media.

Social Media freelancer with a passion for advertising on Facebook, twitter, … see how i can help

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I believe that it is my mission to connect the right audience to your brand. By creating the right visual, writing likeable and shareable content and above all … by displaying your message to the people who matter to you.

I believe in working together establishing a long term relationship to accomplish the goals that you have in mind.

Curious on how I can help you? Drop me a mail or just give me a call… Because eventually… every story starts with “HI”.

I have worked with

Community and conversation management
For 2 years I was responsible to increase the reach and engagement on all social media channels; Facebook, twitter & Instagram.

For the next 2 years, I was responsible for the acquisition of new members through social media marketing at a predefined maximum cost for every new member.



Community and conversation management

I was able to increase the engagement and reach per post by 50% by creating the right content.

Belgian Pavillion World Expo 2015 in Milan

Social Media advertising on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter advertisements with the aim of increasing the number of qualitative fans and reach per message.


Social Media Consultancy
Determine the social media strategy and execution of the strategy for Jovilux, Venus Concept Belgium & Beauty in a Box.

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